I'm so excited to be releasing my giant peony kit with Crepe Paper Canada! This is the kit you are wanting to get if you will be following along with our FEB 6th Online Class marathon. Each Kit contains 7 rolls of 180g Premium Italian Crepe Paper - for more specs on the paper: 


??  CRAFT AND CREATE - Prefect to use for paper flowers and any other of your favorite DIY craft designs at weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc.


??  PERFECT GIFT WRAPPING ITEM - Add color, flair and texture to your gift wrapping next holiday season with our high quality crepe paper


??  ROLL DIMENSIONS (8' x 20") - Each crepe paper roll measure 8-feet in length and 20-inches in width



                                 -  Genuine Italian Crepe Paper

                                 -  Weight 180 grams

                                 -  260% Elongation

                                 -  100% made out of pure cellulose

                                 -  ECO friendly

Eve's Peony Kit - Red

  • Crepe paper is ideal for countless applications, from floral decorations and packaging, to decoupage and all those processes that require a card with high levels of consistency and elongation.